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Thanks Hank
I was thinking about maybe doing that but plain white tissue will also get translucent once doped. Not much to be gained there. I was thinking maybe silkspan, but that will get semi translucent but maybe no more so than white solite.

I did some weight comparisons between solite and coverlite and came up with some interesting results.
Solite weighs .6oz per sq yard, that's 15.25g.
Coverlite wiighs .9oz per sq yard, that's 21.4g
I'm figuring I can cover the model with a piece of covering 18" x 24"
That works out to solite 5.2g and coverlite 8.13g and that doesn't include the adhesive required. Coverlite weighs 56% more but in the end it is only 3 grams more. The adhesive will add what, another gram?

For that 3 grams I get a very durable material that is fairly opaque and the biggest plus over solite is it will take paint. My concern with the solite is the lacquer will just flake off taking the tissue with it.

So at this point it looks like the coverlite would be the best choice overall.
I will do the same comparison using 000 silkspan.
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