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Waldo, I remember you showing me that covering......that stuff was terrible! So you're busy at the bench finally? All the jobs for relatives and friends finished up? Sweet! I'm looking forward to seeing pics of various stages of about it? the prognosis is good for all family members then?

The Ford dealership has yet to call informing us that the car is repaired! The last I heard they had a bitch of a time finding the part (spring)! I suppose it ain't too bad.....I'm driving a year newer loaner, putting miles on it and using their gasoline! The cost of this repair goes down with every mile I put on their loaner! Let's hope the part don't come for another month!

Loved the ice-statue pic of the Yooper in the outhouse! Mistook it for a photo of me in the crapper at the huntin' camp! Which reminds me of this dude that showed up as a guest one huntin' season many years ago.......we were having a cold snap and this guy asks: "How do know your ass won't freeze to the seat when you go take a dump in the outhouse?" One of the guys piped up: "You blow your warm breath on it before you sit down!" Wouldn't you know of the guys looks out the window minutes later and sees this guy with his mouth mere millimeters away from the seat trying to warm it with his breath! (We didn't get around to putting a door on that outhouse for some seven years after it was built!) When the guy walked in the door some time later the whole camp erupted in laughter! What a putz!
snowman is online now Find More Posts by snowman
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