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Originally Posted by 2Doggs View Post
The 700e V3 has a very low stance, doesn't it? It looks very well engineered, so i was surprised about your tail gear experiences. A friend of mine has a new V3, and he's the sort of flyer that just flies and doesn't bother with any sort of bling upgrades. As far as I could tell, he could fly pretty much any manoeuvre with the stock Align servos, though he uses a Quantum motor and a V Bar. I had a chance to fly it - and it sure felt bigger than my 450! I like the snap-in battery mount, and I believe the V3 frames were modified to allow for swelling of the battery packs, which made fitting and removing the battery harder on the older ones. With direct to swash links and DFC heads, helis are looking so clean and simple these days!
Yes, they use the F3C landing skids which are lower than the v2 700E, and the canopy drops much lower than the v2 canopy, as well.

The tail issue turned out to be the tail blades, supposedly out of balance across the cord, so it's luck of the draw as to how the blades balance. This is why some get it and some don't. It also only occurred at a narrow RPM band in my case, but unfortunately right where I wanted to fly it.

I'm still two minds about DFC on this size heli. Goblin are starting to backtrack from DFC to what they now call HPS, which is a lowered version of the system we were using before DFC came along.

I definitely like the direct servo coupling, with no bellcranks. It was this that sold me on getting the 550, as well. I'm glad I got the brushless servos with a very high torque, as I'm sure this 700 will need it for anything past sport flying.

The plastic frames are really clever. Not only does it make the direct servo coupling work well, but as you say, it widens the frame at the battery to allow cables to run past the battery and they will no longer get chafed on the frame.

I really like this kit so far. It ticks all of the boxes for me and I recommend it to anyone considering a big heli.
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