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I thought I should update this blog with some of the other posts that have gone on in the different threads, here on RCG, relating to the hardware on this heli. My apologizes if you have already read this elsewhere.

Originally Posted by beenflying View Post
Maiden successful!!! I managed to fire it up this morning in my front section before going to work. Just hovering, pitch pumps and piros.

I lifted off at 1750 RPM and it was smooth and much quieter than I expected. I had the tail gain very low at 28, so the stops were very soft. There was no wag at all.

I upped the head speed to 1950, which felt more to my liking, and the tail gain to 35. The tail stop CCW was instant (no bounce) and the CW was still soft, so I suspect some tail asymmetry is required (I just need to figure out which way to go + or -). It also needs some pitch precompensation or a higher gain (once the asymmetry is set correctly), as the tail kicked out slightly on near full collective (12.5 degrees).

The cyclic felt great using the default 700 settings. I had the first flight mode in the iKon set to Sport, with the pitch expo removed in the advanced section. I need more agility than this mode offers and the piro speed was far to slow for me in this mode, but the heli stayed still during the slow full piro.

I switched to flight mode 2 which is set to 3D. The cyclic felt better but the piro speed is still too slow. Looks like I'll be trying hardcore 3D next, and making sure the tail speed is at least 500.

So my plan is to have flight mode 1 with 3D cyclic settings and a 500 tail speed. Flight mode 2 will be hardcore 3D setting, and flight mode 3 will be Self Level with Sport settings and a 500 tail speed.

1750 RPM seems good for take off and landing, and I will have 1950 and 2150 on idelup 1 and 2.

Unfortunately it seems the 700E DFC still has a tail issue. After the first hard pitch up down at 1950, I got a tail hum sound, which is not good. It was this hum/resonance that was breaking the old 5mm tail shaft (now it's 6mm). So I have some work to do on the tail before a proper flight. One person has reported fixing this by replacing the tail blade holder thrust bearings.

6 minutes of throttle hold released (motor running) and the 4500mah 50C Lipos required 30ma to get them back to storage.

First impressions of the iKon are very good, but I had no room for circuits, so I can't really tell if the cyclic setup is correct. It was super stable, piroed on the spot and had a nice feel to the cyclic and collective. Putting it on the ground softly was also very easy, and I didn't find myself fighting the collective close to the ground. You could just setup a slow rate of decent and it stayed constant until it touched the ground.

Also a thumbs up on the new Turnigy 10A HV BEC. Nice looking, high quality and seems to perform well. It's smaller in size than I expected, but it would still limit practical use to 500 size on up (a bit like the Castle BEC Pro). I'm currently using it at 6.8 volts. It has a green led to show it's running and a red flashing led to show low voltage (adjustable) and over current.
Originally Posted by beenflying
Good news. The tail issue is sorted, so I can now do some serious flying with this heli. Turned out to be the Align 105mm tail blades. Replaced them with some Gaui X7 blades, and all is sweet, at least at all of the RPM's I want to use, anyway. Amazingly quiet heli for the size, even at 2100 RPM.

Tonight I'm upgrading the voltage protection capacitor to 10,000uf, and then it's good to go for a flight at the field, this weekend.
Originally Posted by beenflying
The glitch-a-nator (10000uF capacitor) installed. A dozen power ups and no issues:
This has been fitted because the Align HV servo can have some very high peak currents, for a very short period of time.

As you can see the Turnigy 10A HV BEC (15A peak) is now fitted and works very well. XT60's have been fitted on both sides so I can use a 2200mah 2S Lipo if required. I've tested the iKon for brown out and it recovers in a few hundred msecs and continues to operate as before. All you get is a slight kick on the collective. My Rx can't brown out, because it's running off the bottom 6S lipo. So if I see any kicks like this in flight, I will swap to the Lipo.

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