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Originally Posted by dbc View Post
The motor supplied in the HK version of the T/S is a 3648 700kv motor weighing 185g. It's almost exactly the size and weight of the pictured Tacon motor (I've got one of those, too). I intended to use the Tacon if the supplied motor ever craps out. It will require a smaller prop as it is a higher KV motor.

These motors power the plane fine for scale flying and mild aerobatics . They require no reinforcements or modifications. I've logged 157 flights since Mar 2011 on my bone stock HK version with no problems or issues. I continue to fly and enjoy it several times a week.

But if you want more power you'll need to rework some of the components mentioned above to successfully cope with the added weight and stress.

Your video of the Starmax looked to perform similarly to mine and I'm ok with it's performance.

I guess it depends on what your definition of "adequately powered" is.
Yeah those Tacon motors are really nice. I have several of them in my planes.

I have the 32 size in my Zero and it flies great with a 13x10 prop. The 25 I fly with a 11x8x3 prop and I get about 10min with a 3200mah 4s battery pack.

Here is the stock motor from the SM Cessna and the Tacon 46 I'll be using for the TS Cessna
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