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Originally Posted by ckangaroo70 View Post
I ordered a couple heat sinks for my F45. One for the main motor and one for the tail. I have read through alot of post and watched a few videos on the subject. Those folks who have installed them seem to mostly say that they help, but never really heard or read where anyone said exactly how much they help? Do the heat sinks double motor life or even extend it all, or is it more just a matter of the engine running a bit cooler and getting some extended flight time? I realize that no two motors are going to get the same wear and tear or for that matter I would imagine even the stock motor quality would vary among these. Was just kind of curious as to to how much my little upgrade will actually help? I am sure a brushless upgrade is going to happen sometime in the future, but I have a stock motor to burn up yet and a spare stock motor to burn up as well.
It will help with the motor running cooler which will extend the life of the motor to a degree, but what allot of people on this and many other forums forget is that the motor will heat up mainly due to the current drawn through the tiny thin wire that comes from the board to the motor.
If you change the wire from core wire to solid copper wire it will greatly reduce the heat in the motor as well, and far more than putting on a heat sink.
Because the solid wire can take allot more current so it reduces the heat to virtually nothing being sent to the motor by the wire itself as this is where most of the heat comes from that heats up the motor.

It will also reduce the heat in the PCB as well.

Wire acts like a hose the thicker the hose the more current can pass through it and allot less friction so allot less heat, the smaller the hose allot less current allot more friction allot more heat even before it gets to the motor.

An easy check for this is to start up your heli and hold the wires going to the motor, they will get hot way before the motor gets hot.
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