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Stabilization “Master Gain” Control

The Guardian’s Gain input channel, when mapped to a knob (or slider) on your transmitter, serves as a Master Gain control. The Master Gain adjusts the individual Pitch/Roll/Yaw gains simultaeneously and serves as an easy way to tune all three.

If you have an RC controller that has an analog knob (or slider), this can be mapped to the Gain channel to allow for in-flight gain adjustment. The higher the Gain setting, the stronger the Guardian’s stabilization effect will be.

The knob (or slider) will give you the ability to smoothly transition between stabilized and un-stabilized flight. Additionally, since changing airspeed can change your airframe’s flight characteristics, it is often helpful to be able to adjust the gain in real-time.

When this feature is used with 2D mode, the stabilizer’s control characteristics vs. the Master Gain setting is as follows:

-100% (1.1ms servo pulse): Stabilization is OFF.

-99% to ~0%: Medium Stabilization. As the Gain is increased the model becomes more stable. Depending on your Gain setting, the model may still be rolled by strong stick movements or turbulence

~0% to +100% (1.9ms servo pulse): Maximum stabilization. The model should not roll over when in this range. Servo commands will become exaggerated, leading to tighter control of the plane. Oscillations may occur depending on the airframe.

The ranges given above apply when the Guardian gain dials are set to about +/-50 from centered and can vary depending on the individual Pitch/Roll/Yaw gain dial settings.

Warning: Be careful while tuning the Master Gain. Some airframes may oscillate very strongly at higher gains, possibly damaging themselves or becoming uncontrollable. To avoid strong oscillations, increase the Master Gain slowly and reduce it as soon as oscillations are noticed.
Note: If the individual axis gain dials are set to lower values, the effect of the Overall Gain knob will be reduced, and vice versa.
Note: If no connection is made to the Guardian’s Gain input, ~40% Overall Gain will be available.
Note: When adding a Master Gain after flying and adjusting Guardian without a Master Gain, start with a 40%Master Gain setting. 40% with 0% being "off" and 100% being "max" Master Gain.

Less confusing? Just a re-write of the manual.
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