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Originally Posted by Arcteryxxx View Post
IMO the best way to answer the question is to state tried setups or best guesses based on experience, or to post a link to other dudes data. Different pilots have different experiences, and when more people participate the question can be approached from different angles.
So whats wrong with my recommendation?

I have 2 Lehners which i use at up to 8cells with gearbox or 5S ungeared and yes, i also tried megas at 5 and 6S!

The Lehner is a 2 pole motor and gives the option of a wide range of fine stepped KV,which makes it easier to setup for given prop and voltage.

Yes,the Lehners are expensive but worth every penny.

You can get a good deal here:
but unfortunately not in the right KV for 6S directdrive.

Some basic experiences to 2pole, 4pole and 6pole inrunners.
With a given weight and KV a motor can take more inputpower the more poles it got.
2 Pole Motors have usually higher maximum efficiency than 4 or 6 polers but the efficiency drop is higher at overload.
6 pole motors give a lower eta max but efficiency stays reasionable even at massive overloads (for me the reason why the megas are so popular for funpylon)

4 Pole motors (like Neu) give the best compromise between efficiency and load-bearing capacity,so they are nice in handling and easy to set up and successfull as directdrive in competition..

If it was possible to get the working point in the region of ETA -max i would take a 2-pole for best performance and economy.( most of the succesfull geared folder setups are 2 pole)

I just wanted to see what else was out there.
It was not my intention to declare the Lehner as the best motor, just wanted to
show that there is something else than only mega out there!

I would try and find one similar with a slightly lower kv for more options.
1115-1,5Y might be an option,maybe its even possible to fit an 1409 2Y in the swist?

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