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Originally Posted by hoghead5150 View Post
you are correct, i fly the shuriken and extra alot and they do just fine, but when testing the t28 i found quite a few. also found them with the apprentice, and one other tricycle geared plane. .
Thanks a lot.

My statement: the bug is not my fault, this is a Phoenix feature.

The most favourite flying site is Moscow among „multiplayer” users. I was always wondering why.

My answer is the existence of a concrete runway, because otherwise the environment is not very nice, and the quality of the panorama is not too good.

The facts are the following:

1. As I said this effect was discovered by EPPforFUN testing Huntsville by „Hype RC U Can Fly”

2. I have tested Moscow using T-28, it is perfect.

3. At Huntsville near to start position the ground is a smooth (no other objects near). This is a h-map, material of which is „concrete”

4. I replaced the material to "grass” the effect is the same.

5. What can be the difference?

6. I have inserted a "plane” over the h-map, it is perfect if the material is grass or concrete.

7. You have the PXQ. You can control this.

My observations are showing that the surface of a h-map is not processed properly, or this can not be done at all.

The h-map can be large, in this case between grid lines the motion of T-28 is smooth. It is stucking along the lines.
If h-map is small the grid lines are near, the stucking is more probable.
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