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Originally Posted by Bill Glover View Post
Even a 50 mAh cell is a bit heavier than a booster, and it would need to be charged (or swapped) before every flight ... which is not very convenient.

Yes, I'm using the #11 stripped-down ... this was when I was running it straight from the flight cell:

The quad did handle the weight of the camera's internal battery OK, but I had to replace the motors and with the new ones (which are official spare parts) it really struggles. Hence I need to lose some weight
I put my #11 without no modification on my SH 6043 ... and it fly fine ... but just for the time that the battery is strong enough (more or less 90 seconds)

Personally, I will go for an additional 50mAh battery, this will allow longer fly time, since the #11 is reported to consume 200mAh + the waste of the booster ... you are taking away quite some power to the micro quad ...

So ... stripped + 50mAh battery (even a 80mAh since 50mAh is not on stock) ... sound a better approach

Charge the battery ... is simple .. you can let the #11 charge the battery for your, via the USB connector .. or you connect to the charger of the microquad ...

Anyhow ... in my case ... I order a Sh 6047 with 6 motors ... that should be able to handle more load

I was looking this quad as you have, since has very good review ... but ... I decide to skip it ... the SH 6043 fly good enough for my taste

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