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Originally Posted by Artelian View Post
Guys.. You know what is worse in all this, and why maybe is so many people irritated ?
Just take a look back and see haw many people are disappointed, and not one word from Mr Minsoo.
From my parts ther is a word " head down, the sword does not cut it" if You know what this means.
At least if Mr. Minsoo was take his responsibility coming here and tell

"Ok guys, I make mistake, I m human and human make mistake but learn from them. Haw can I help You ?"

may be the situation was different.
But he prove that do not give a sheet about his clients.
And is someone still think that the critics are exaggerated and should help instead.. Yes..I can be agreed to help instead of critics BUT...

Mr. Minsoo get his money, and are loot of money for what the board can do, ok ?
Those money ..we not stealing it, and many of us ,,may be work hard for them, and when I take the money from my clients, I give some warranty, I can not run away day after.
At the time I buy the boards (blueboard, blackboard + all optional) cost me allot + shipping + 120 state taxe.
With those money, I could get (just the best example) Naza and havin 2 Years of fun fly.
Why I do not doing this ?
Because I was not well informed.
This is what we do here, we inform others ..before to buy like we do.
I m not the devil, I m not hate nobody, and the prove is that I m still here trying to solve the problems, hoping that anybody can be happy.
Yes..I m frustrated, but still try get solution and if I manage to fly it well, to help others to, even if I believe will be difficult reading the negatives.
If those controllers was cheaper, maybe we get past more easy, let it go or understand and helping out for developing.
But we are not stupid, right ? So..almost everybody know what a board at that price have to do.

Know..let's pretend that I m Mr.Mincoo..ok ?
I sell You some boards at high price.
But when I ask that price, are 2 reason :

1. because I know what I'm selling, I love my job and I guarantee the quality

2. Just for the money and not give a sheet about the rest

If the N1 was the reason, then why passing to another boards, and ignore Your clients ?
This means ...that You know the board was not ok, and overpriced, right ?

And here is the difference between buying from Asia or from ..let say Germany or UK.

I m not so good to English, but I hope I made my point.

My final conclusion ?
If Mr. Minsoo still want to be in the business, not matter if here or in other place (still the info on internet go fast everywhere) ... will be back here to support better his clients.
At least if You see that someone try to do better, and remediate the errors, Yo (client) will discharge some frustration and try to collaborate for the better result.
Only then we can say..."Yeah...we can understand Mr. Minsoo. Let's try be more human".

I will still continuing make some test, and come back with testing result, even if I will get Naza.

Fly safe !
Dear Sir
I'm very sorry for the inconvenience and not attendance
we will do our best to solve the problems of users by constantly attended
I'm working flying test everyday for the firmware update.
For more stable flying, we will release new firmware.

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