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Originally Posted by ElectoPete View Post

Hello I just got my three "no pins" receivers.
I tested them and two of them worked OK - easy to bind.
The servos worked smothly and the failsafe on throttle channel worked as descibed.

How should the receiver LED work? Most of the time it is solid red. But sometimes the LED blinks - but the receiver (and servos) still work OK??
If I re-bind, I get a solid red again!

My main concern is however receiver no 3.
This does not bind at all . I only get a very faint slow blinking from the LED (quite different from the other two). I have tried many times with the same result - it seems the receiver is broken...
Any help?

Dear Pete,

I am sorry to hear about the 3rd receiver. This shouldn't be happening as the receiver was fully tested to fully bind as well as correct pulse for all 6 channels before shipping. Perhaps it was damaged during shipment? Would it be possible for you for you to send us an e-mail at so that we can do replacement and investigate the problem? Thanks!

Best Regards,

Lemon Rx Officer
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