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Originally Posted by Fravits View Post
Interesting, as I have found no problem with tip stalls flaps down. I fly around with the flaps at a about 25/30 degrees most of the time simply to keep the speed at something resembling scale. That includes steep banks low and slow, too. No problems so far. On the other hand, I have managed to get a bit slow during aerobatics and snapped and fallen out of a few loops....
This is a long running thread and glad too ... as I keep looking at this model as it is offered on Sale basis ...

Tipstall - now there's a term that is misused so much ...

It actually refers to a condition where Tip is stalled due to angle of attack and loss of lift ... causing the aircraft to fall to that side rolling as it goes ... ME109 and Spitfire were famous for it. Washout is built into wings to reduce AoA at tips and have wing root stall first.

Brings us to Flaps ... using flaps increases AoA at ROOT of wing not tip ... so how can use of Flaps cause Tipstall ?

The fact is ... flaps do not create or instigate Tipstall ... what they may do is create a situation of excessive drag and slow the aircraft down such that it just falls out of the sky. It's not even a classic stall ...

The common mistake is to slow down, dial in flaps, fail to add a touch of throttle to compensate for increased drag .. result ... she falls ... (assuming that little or no prop thrust at the time). another common effect is on application of flaps and a little bit too much speed - craft pitches up with the increased lift AoA .. throttle is killed ... drag takes over ... down she goes ... The common kangaroo style flight path then ...

Just thought I'd comment ... no doubt someone will disagree !

anyway a cracking looking model and still has my eye ... mmmmm too many models wanted ... too many to choose from ...

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