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But.... the Su will fly "OK" on the 30C's (mind you mine are HET2W30s in CS10s - more demand than stock). "OK" meaning nothing amazing, and quite different to the 65C Nanos.

From all the other various battery Cells, C's, Capacities, I have.... I see the 25C Nanos are towards a 30C, maybe 35C, non Nano type battery. Certainly no more than that.
And the 35C Nano's are clearly better than the 25C ones (I have a few capacities in 4S of both).... it is like the 25C's were the 'rejects' of the Nano family. They fly with less power, and get much hotter - even puff if not careful - than the 35C versions of them.

Whether a $110 65C is better than a $70 30C, in your own use/application, is up to your assessment - but it certainly won't be anywhere near the same performance - from start to finish. And as long as the 30C isn't driven to be overly hot (via high current demand OR large capacity depletion) that is acceptable.
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