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The "Motor demand" isn't actually the motor demand for different batteries.
A higher C battery has a lower IR (Internal Resistance), so the "voltage divider" of volts over motor and battery are different. Higher C = more motor volts. Equals more Amps.... equals more power.

A made-up 'typical' table of motor volts - just to demonstrate what happens:
65C 22.3v
45C 21.7v
35C 21.4v

All of them degrade as capacity goes down, but the higher C is always going to be that bit higher volts (per depletion amount) than lower C's.

The bit Max mentions about LVC is true.... because the Lower C batteries volts hit a lower point sooner than higher C's do. Even lower C's could hit LVC before even depleting 50% capacity. eg A non Nano 20C, or even 30C - because non Nano have even higher IR than equiv spec Nano.

For any given motor/fan combo, you won't know all the finer details of the battery's results in volts, and degrading levels, until tested.

There is also no way those 25 Nano's are going to compare to 65C Nano's !! That is a huge capability difference, and 25C is very low and weak for this use!
For a start it is physically impossible... mathematically impossible... and I also have tons of battery testing experience, and it is impossible! LOL
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