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Hey guys, great thread. I've read it end to end and learned a ton of useful info.

I'm a total noob, and the V911 is my first "real" heli aside from a Mosquito coax that could barely lift its own considerable weight and a couple of completely disposable mall clunkers. I've flown it at least fifty times with no major crashes and no damage (yet). Today was my first prolonged outdoor session and I finally had enough elbow room to go for some wide banked turns and nose-in orientation practice. I'm loving this little thing.

A minor discovery that may be useful: I had no trouble mechanically trimming my Banggood V911 to a hands-off hover with no aileron or elevator trim on the Tx, but I always needed pretty much full-left Tx trim of the rudder. Today, I used a toothpick to apply a tiny drop of light sewing machine oil to the motor shafts, and suddenly I no longer need rudder trim! The motors seem to run a little cooler, too.

Thanks for all the info. I wouldn't be flying this bird without you guys. I have a backup BNF version on the way and another RTF for my wife (so she'll keep her greasy mitts off mine). I also have a mothballed Walkera Super FP *cough*impulse buy*cough*; I'm way too green to mess with a squirrel like that right now.
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