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Originally Posted by goldsworthy View Post
So, From what I read here I should do rather well with the two 4400mah 6S 65~130C Lipo Packs I got.The SU35 should go fast with a C rating of 65-130
"Look Mamma, I'm goin fast"! "Faster?" not really. Your motor demand is your motor demand. So WW's 25C still delivers the needed amps as your 65C. The only slight difference is you'll likely see a little less voltage drop at the beginning allowing rpm/kv to rpm a little faster.
Where your 65C has an advantage is it will deliver the max amps right to the last 1538mAh of capacity. After around 3-3.5 min even hard flying, will it start to drop off to about a max deplete of 880mAh pushing 57amps.

Mixed flying you'll confidently fly around the same 4 min as WW but where he wins is weight. His batteries weigh less. Where you win is you worry less in that 4 min no how bad you fly and you can push harder pretty much for that 4 min without LVCing.

If you fly with energy management, you aso have more margin for go around.
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