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Up is Down & Down is Backwards?

Originally Posted by dkrhardy View Post
Walter - From what I saw on the unpainted Peaks, ther is NO discount. The price was quite a bit more than the painted one! Go figure.
...must be the laws of supply & demand, meaning the demand is low for the plain Peaks. Might as well get & repaint the painted one & save some jingle...

RCAV8T0R - I looked at my rods and they seem quite stiff. Oh jeez, I just realized that I said I have stiff rods ...................
Hate when that happens...wait I DON'T hate when that happens, at least that's what she said...

I filled the gear cavity with epoxy, added epoxy to the wing mounting points ... all around those plastic inserts, epoxied a ply piece behind the foam that holds the firewall and mount, and worked on straightening the trailing edge of the elevator. I then noticed that both wings have a bit of droop out toward the tips and on the trailing edges. I may leave them alone for now. I did drill the gear legs and did a piano wire brace/strut between them. I did it at the mid-point so that the gear can still flex a bit but hopefully not get all rubbery. We'll see.
Tomorrow I'll drill the holes for the screws that will go through the mount and tie up the ply to it. Sure won't take a lot to finish it up.
Really sounds like you're giving her a thorough reconditioning before she even needs it......... Best way to get familiar & be confident she'll do what you want her to do. If not, just beat that Devil into submission...

I saw some posts about the battery area needing a floor made. Mine is dead flat and long. Does anyone have more info on that floor thing? I did trim the side pieces a bit to take 2450 4s batteries, and the cover fits fine. Just gotta figure out a good Velcro strap mounting. I have 2 2200 4s batteries on the way, so I'll probably CG it for both and just mark where each size needs to go.
Check out post #115 by pullup & #134 by yours truly. I think you'll understand after you fly her that she's a nose heavy bird & that the forward wing strut will cause problems for getting a more neutral CG with any size battery except say for a 4S 1800mAh pack... I haven't tried flying mine with a smaller pack but if you do go to a larger one, IMHO of course, I'm betting yours will be VERY nose-heavy you'll end up having to input lots of up trim and/or add tail weight to counter that right out...

I (temporarily) added 1/4 oz. to mine to see if I can get a tail heavy condition since I've moved my 2200mAh packs aft well past the strut & she still balances & acts like she's nose heavy... I'm going to test this out so I can get the elevator more in line with the horizontal stab so it doesn't end up in an exaggerated up condition the way it is now. It's not helping matters that it's so warped from the factory, either...

I'm going to buy some Glo Coat floor wax to coat the plane with. Saves the paint and gives it some shine .... and it is cheap and easy to apply.

Gonna have to look into that idea about waxing her up to give her a nice & shiny appearance so she'll want to perform even better for me...

Keep us posted...
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