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Walter - From what I saw on the unpainted Peaks, ther is NO discount. The price was quite a bit more than the painted one! Go figure.

RCAV8T0R - I looked at my rods and they seem quite stiff. Oh jeez, I just realized that I said I have stiff rods ...................
But I will pay attention when all is hooked up. I filled the gear cavity with epoxy, added epoxy to the wing mounting points ... all around those plastic inserts, epoxied a ply piece behind the foam that holds the firewall and mount, and worked on straightening the trailing edge of the elevator. I then noticed that both wings have a bit of droop out toward the tips and on the trailing edges. I may leave them alone for now. I did drill the gear legs and did a piano wire brace/strut between them. I did it at the mid-point so that the gear can still flex a bit but hopefully not get all rubbery. We'll see.
Tomorrow I'll drill the holes for the screws that will go through the mount and tie up the ply to it. Sure won't take a lot to finish it up.

I saw some posts about the battery area needing a floor made. Mine is dead flat and long. Does anyone have more info on that floor thing? I did trim the side pieces a bit to take 2450 4s batteries, and the cover fits fine. Just gotta figure out a good Velcro strap mounting. I have 2 2200 4s batteries on the way, so I'll probably CG it for both and just mark where each size needs to go.

I'm going to buy some Glo Coat floor wax to coat the plane with. Saves the paint and gives it some shine .... and it is cheap and easy to apply.

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