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Originally Posted by turboparker View Post
I'm also looking for a camera/lens combo that captures a 1:1 image so that distance & speed are not distorted when flying FPV. Is that practical?Joel
Not as you state it. In photography a 1:1 image is one in which the subject is the same size at the image plane (i..e., on film) as it is in life. That is achieved only at extreme close-up distances with "macro" lenses. I think what you mean is a lens that produces a what photographers call a rectalinear image - one which is smaller than life but without distortion of straight lines. The field of view and focal length of such lenses is a function of the image ("film") size. In a 35 mm camera, which was the most popular type in the pre-digital era, that corresponded to a 50 mm lens with a diagonal FOV of ~47 degrees. In contrast a GoPro has a normal FOV of 110 degrees, or 90 degrees at the narrowest setting, which would be called super-wide or wide-angle in 35 mm photography.
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