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Originally Posted by jasmine2501 View Post
Thirty five hundred Watts?! That's not even safe to stand near... Surely it would shoot down a plane...
You're absolutely right! That much RF at 900 MHz can cause dangerous levels of tissue heating if you get too close. Due to the high levels of RF, my techs & I had to wear non-ionizing radiation suits while working on the rooftop sites, and my tower crews had to wear them when working on the tower sites. If you walked out onto the rooftop with a florescent lamp, it would light up brightly. If you wanted a warm lunch, you could just put it in the main lobe of a panel array. I once connected a 900 MHz stick to a Bird watt meter w/50-ohm dummy load, put the antenna on the roof of a major skyscraper in town, and measured 80 WATTS of aggregate RF coming in from all of the antennas on the rooftop. And that was with a very narrow-banded antenna. Also, the 'antennas from hell' (twin 100 kW FM vertical arrays) weren't even transmitting at the time.

There is a lot of RF flying around out there. Front-end overload is only one issue. The mathematical possibilities for inter-modulation are nearly endless. Hence, why I tend to stick with known performers with any RC aircraft that I care about.

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