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New Product
Simple AlexMos 8bit brushless gimbal controller from Viacopter

Edit 20/3-2013

Pictures added of production prototype VectorDD gimbal for GoPro and a first prototype gimbal for mirrorless cam and small to medium DLSR.

More controllers will arrive on moday 25/3 at Viacopter


I decided to take out a thread about the Alexmos gimbal system that will soon be launched from ViaCopter and Flyduino

Dont ask for preorders or lists - we are serious people, and we just dont begin to sell things that we dont have in stock Availability will be announced in good time before they go on sale.

Here are the videos:

Autoquad Alexmos gimbal test (2 min 36 sec)

PsykoKoptR vs Alexmos GoPro3 Gimbal (0 min 56 sec)

AutoQuad L1 vs Alexmos brushless gimbal (1 min 44 sec)

Alexmos gimbal onboard vid (0 min 45 sec)

Alexmos GoPro Gimbal (0 min 43 sec)

The gimbal is adjustable, so it can be balanced perfectly. It is also designed to put the lens on the exact center of the roll axis - something that is very important for aerial videography. Gimbal design by SebastianJ

Final production version with USB and IMU for camera:

Price for the controller and IMU is 110 Euro.

GoPro Gimbal for HeroHD and GoPro2 will be launched first. Also of course version for GoPro3. We dont have an ETA on those, since it depends on how fast our metalworking factory can produce them for us. We are shooting for them to be available inside 3-4 weeks, but its not a promise.

GoPro version is 268 grams with camera and controller. GoPro3 version will be slightly lighter.

We are currently designing gimbal for Compact and System cameras like HX9, Nex 5/5N/7 and EOS M.

Later will come versions for DSLR and Camcorders like CX730 and CX760.

Feel free to ask questions or post suggestions.

Thread shortcuts:

Tuning guide (By Fabien from E-copter)

Motor winding info:

Motor schematic for a 12n/14p motor:

Detailed explanations on motor winding from jackerbes - thanks:

Basic information about Alexmos systems, licensing and cams possible to swing:

GoPro3 Version - production prototype:

Design study and first prototype for mirrorless cam and small to medium DSLR:
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