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Originally Posted by mahd View Post
Hi guys.
I received my new Aurora 9 yesterday and documented my ordeal (well, it felt like an ordeal) switching from mode 1 to mode 2.
I stripped the M2/4 screw head and had to (it felt like) thread plastic with the ratchet screw on the left stick trying to screw it in to engage the ratchet. But I now have a mode 2 Aurora 9. The left stick ratchet (air) and resistance (heli) screws heads are also getting hard to grip as they are incredibly stiff to turn. Link describing that process - no need to read:
However I have two remaining issues to solve. A different issue on each gimbal.
The left gimbal throttle doesn’t physically travel all the way to the top. It stops just below the last white mark. When viewing the "config>model>monitor" screen the throttle graphs don't go as far up as the other gimbal graphs do. It also doesn’t give the physical solid feel of reaching the end of its travel instead feeling soft with some give. I can then force (with a reasonable amount of force) it further up and observe the travel graph updating accordingly to where I would have expected it to be (in line with every other gimbal's travel) along with the expected solid feel at the end of the travel and once I release the pressure it goes back to previous position. It feels like this force is pushing something plastic and bending it forward to allow the gimbal to reach the end of travel.
This issue could be solved by setting the ESC's throttle end point adjustment but I'm not sure if all ESC's come with this feature and I wouldn't have the maximum resolution available to me. This ends up being probably quite minor in the scheme of things. Annoying however that it isn't working on a brand new, unused $AU400 tx!!!
The other gimbal for the elevator has an issue where it doesn't spring back to the centre vertically. It sits just below the long red centre marker. The "config>model>monitor" graph for this also reflects it's physical position with 1 bar of pixels displayed below the centreline. When I push the gimbal forward (down ele) it travels all the way to the maximum point on the graph and the gimbal has the nice solid feeling that I have hit the maximum physical travel (unlike the throttle) and the exact same for the opposite direction.
However the effect of this is that I will have to setup my plane surfaces and trims to sit neutrally with the stick in this slightly physically down position (up ele). This will mean that I will have less travel for up ele and more travel for down ele.
Can anyone shed some light on this at all? It is a brand new tx and I have not used it yet. I have not peeled off any of the plastic covers over the screen or shiny bits even! Can I fix this? Should I live with it? Should I send it back and wait weeks before being able to use my new radio?
Thanks for listening and any help you may offer.
Suggest email/phone your service center direct:
Hitec Warranty & Service - homepage.
Note: Hitec USA only services North/South America and Canada.
"Hitec USA customer service department is available Monday through Friday*
from 7am- 4:30 pm Pacific time. Reach us at 858.748.8440 or any time you have a question"
• If you are from a country that is outside North and South America, please contact the
Hitec distributor in your country for service.

Alan T.
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