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Very light indeed!

I handled this plane at the AMA quite a bit. When I picked up the fuze I almost hit the other planes above it-- I was expecting some weight but it was barely there! Same impression with the winghalves and tails.

I like.
How much? I have an extra kidney.


Originally Posted by Daryl Perkins View Post
Ok guys... The box showed up and I've started my build. I have to fly this beauty by next weekend. It looks just like the model in Bobs booth, cept for a very bright orange fuse. For some reason, Jiri didn't send a stab, so I can't give a complete parts weight. Im guessing he just ran out of time and wanted to get me some parts to get started on.

Wings are 480 grams per side... Actually 480 and 478.8. The fuse is 211 grams with pushrods and Vtail joiner. The canopy is about 29 grams. The joiner is 92 grams. I have a set of stab molds so I am able to build stabs if I need to. So far, I've built a full carbon set at 40 grams per side, and a disser set at 32 grams per side. So assume 35 grams per side, and you've got your raw airframe weight. Pretty impressive...
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