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Originally Posted by Bravedan View Post

Have just downloaded and the zip opens OK, I'll go further a bit later.

Here are a couple more stop points with the Adreniline, which gets its tail wheel caught. I have not been able to taxi through the furthest openings in the fence, the Ady is a short wingspan plane that tracks well and I'm pretty sure I'm aligned, so maybe I'm just rubbish or maybe you didn't "open" those two gates? (can't blame you if you didn't, but I don't know if you wanted it testing so I tried!!)

Have had no trouble getting it through the nearer gates and around the pits and back out again, with the exception that it is quite easy to get the tail wheel stuck on the edge between main tarmac and path to pits, viz:-
I have find the reason of that bugs.
Those gates were open but one was a little bit non correctly located.
I have made the necessary modifications and uploaded the new PXF file and added the PXQ.

If you have or had time and step back several pages, you might see that this Huntsville project supposed to be a team effort.
EPPforFUN made the final pano and testing and I am doing the manual work using Creator.

As you are the only one who is willing to help this project, the final testing is supposed to be made by you.

Threfore you have to say that the project is completed and EPPforFUN might accept this.
Thanks for cooperation.
As testing is the more important stage of a SW project, if wish your name will be added to the "description text"
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