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Sorry guys, spent too much energy working on real airplanes all day to work on toy airplanes last night. So no progress.

"Any thoughts on why one plane (such as this one) requires less diff over another design?"

Not really Target. My best guess, and it's solely a guess is that, in this case, it's mostly due to getting the throws on the six servo wing right. Even with a 4 servo wing, I learned many years ago that my models would track better once getting the aileron>flap mix correct. Hint, add more inboard throw than you think you need.... or use Drela's formula.

"The plane looks very cool, and I am amazed at how light Mr Baudis has managed to get the parts. I know for a fact that his models are very strong, but I did not know that he could do light so effectively. Impressive!"

Jiri's craftsmanship is amazing. And the design is way cool, very pretty.

But understand, my models from almost any manufacturer are typically "unobtainium." Since I'm involved in the development of this model, I get the test airframes. This is not a production spar layup. My first proto was stronger than necessary, so I requested Jiri reduce the spar cap thickness in this one. Until I sign off on it for a production version, expect production parts to be a bit more stout (but not much more).

The fuse is a production layup. The joiner is production. The stab weights are the weights I've built out of my molds, but I'm pretty sure Jiri will be right there. The only thing we are bracketing is the spar cap layup. This one will probably be fine. I'm confident it won't break, but it will flex more than my first one.

"Does the fuse use his system of bulkheads like he does with the Cyril?"


"Also, are there ribs pre-installed at the servo bays, as I have seen in the Xplorers?"

There are ribs throughout the wing just outboard of the servo hole cutouts.

I plan on laying up stab skins tonight, and hopefully beginning the wing servo install.

Happy Tuesday everyone. Thanks for watching.

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