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Originally Posted by solentlife View Post
AT LAST !!!! I was starting to worry that i was the only daft at that sort of speed !!

What LiPo were you running on that ? Not only my interest - but others need to know as well....
My 222kph was on a 3S 1800, 50A ESC, 5x5 prop and 3700kv Westor HI-Perf Heli Motor. Later runs only managed 215kph due to airframe being so rough and damaged ... the 4S run I attempted screwed into the ground making PKJ1 airframe unsuitable for further speed attempts.

PKJ2 4400kv + 4S wouldn't lift - kept sticking it's nose into the ground ! Needed more control movement at start, but split second later reduced to barely moving ! Was a nightmare to try and get flying.
So this became the frame for the PKJ(twin) ........ which was plagued by over 110Amp demand ... flexing of frame with so much power ... I had to reduce motors to get amps and flexing down to useable levels. Weather and flight area has been problem since re-modelling.

224 .... mmmmmmmmm maybe I should ressurect my old PKJ1 and clean her up to attack that !!

TBH Nigel, wait until I've caught some video and posted up here for someone to verify. Just doesn't seem that fast if I'm honest, got nothing to compare it to and difficult to judge in the air with nothing racing past, but it sure doesn't look like 140mph feels on my bike!!

Having said all that, getting consistent measurements around the 220+ mark every time I fly her, and other planes measured the same way are giving some seemingly realistic readings. Who knows, I'll grab some video next time I fly her and let you guys decide.

Battery is only a 1300mah but will deliver 90c!!! only give her full throttle for one or two passes per flight and keep flights to 3-4 minutes.


Edit - Sorry should have said the battery is a 3s, probably realised that but thought I should mention it.
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