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Thanks for all your suggestions guys, they are appreciated. Unfortunately, nothing really seems to quite fit the bill. It isn't the spur gear that's the issue, or the length of the unit but the depth of the thing. As Glenn suggests, it's going to hang out the bottom of the model no matter which way round the gears face. Without a bush in the model crankcase I think an extended shaft would be too likely to bend easily - apart from moving the weight aft.
Anyway, it looks as if I'll have to go with what I've got - Vapor brick and 7 mm geared motor - and learn to live with what shows below the nose. Not what I'd hoped for, but the simplest and most readily available set-up. The disadvatage is that it means the brick has to go further back in the fuselage, severely restricting access. Oh well, such is life.

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