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Dude, it's not that I'm not lazy, in fact I would LOVE to be. My problem is two-fold:

1: I worked my way into the Jack of Some Trades position. I'm sort of the Mikey of Coastal Airport. Something needs to be done? Sean will do it, Sean will do anything. Not necessarily well but I'm dumb enough to say "Yep, I'll give it a shot or die trying". And the latter may well be the case some day.

2: My eyes are sometimes much bigger than my time/talents deserve. My house and man-cave for instance. I could have bought something else in the same price range and not had to change a thing***. However, I saw this place and decided it was 60% where I wanted it and therefore I could have more house for less money. That part is true.. I'm great at estimating costs but time is another thing. I'm 90% done with the kitchen but that job was started 3 years ago. I jump around. I had big plans for certain rooms downstairs but instead I tore all of the walls out and made the downstairs one big open area. That 2 weekend project turned into 2012. And it's now 2013 and I have a lot more to do.

So between those two points I present myself with a lot of opportunities to damage my tender pink bod. Like I've said before "If I come home from work and don't have either an open wound or at least one article of clothing blood stained the wife thinks I skipped work and went to a beach bar". And she would probably be right.

Today's moment of self-mutilation: Getting the Luscombe T-8F back in annual. Walked all around it for 8 hours tinkering away. After years of messing with flying machines I've developed a sixth sense for trailing edges on high wing aircraft. Example: C150 = about 6' exactly when the tires are aired up. A slight ducking and all's good. It's been 10 years since I got a Cessna Diamond on my forehead. I can move around aircraft like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Except not on Mondays apparently. Just before I was going to leave this evening I did one last walk around. Ducked the TE just like the pro I imagine myself to be. Missed the TE with room to spare, not, however, the aileron lower control horn. Dug a nice ditch in my forehead. I'll check tomorrow to see if I did any structural damage to the airframe.

On reflection, Tony was right when he said years ago "Airplanes are more dangerous tied down than they are in the air". An adage I have proven true time and time again. I'm still missing 2 hours of time from back in 2001 when I forgot I installed the horizontal stab on the G-109. Still can't believe I didn't bleed out while I laid on the floor unconscious. That incident was messy and involved Gel-coat repairs.

Guess what I'm saying is that, though I'm addicted to tinkering, be it building woodies or tinkering on stuff..........I'm a dufus.

*** Or so I tell myself

Katie: Going out to the farm this weekend. I'll look some more. We aren't having a cold winter. I'm still having to mow the yard at home and the runway at work. Also, this morning my truck's windshield and paint was covered with pollen. My usually dormant this time of year Dogwood trees are already budding. I promise that if I can find one of them seeding you WILL get them in the mail. Even if I have to send my wife out into that snake infested field, no sacrifice is too great for the propagation of flora species.
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