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OK as mentioned I put the wing aside and got the fuse to the point I needed the wing done and here is how it all worked out.

I got sorta stuck on how to be sure the center of the wing would be centered properly, it's basically the Ailerons extended to the center of the wing but they are glued and fixed.

Had I followed the instructions, this is where the Single Servo control rods would go, and I an doing dual servos so I improvised. The tips have a groove in them that is fairly weak because the control rods go through them what I decided to do was fill the grooves 1/2 way with epoxy, let it dry and then followed up but filling the rest of the groove with Epoxy and sticking them to the wing. I mounted the aileron still uncut and unbeveled so I could be sure that I was putting the tips on straight. I used plastic clamps that happened to hit 1/2 the aileron and 1/2 the wing to be sure it was centered until the epoxy dried. Worked great!

Next I put the actual wing tips on, I measured the length of the Ailerons and cut about a one inch wide section off the end for the tips, I bought a Miter Sander and this made things very simple to be sure all the lines were perfect as there is a little of a taper on the tips. I used the same clamp method fitting the unbeveled Aileron in the be sure everything was great and let the glue set up So far it looks perfect.

Next step was to bevel the Ailerons, trim to fit, cut the CA hinge slots..... Last build I bought a Great Planes Hinge slotter and all the accessories, this makes a several hour project simple, accurate and fast. another awesome tool.

To cut the bevel, I used the Great planes center marking tool, them marked the distance on the top and bottom of the Aileron as to how far back to cut and I used a Razor plane to gently take the taper down, after doing the with a saw and a jury rigged setup last built this was a major blessing, again, the right tool for the job makes it pleasurable. the Razor plane made it simple accurate and a perfect looking bevel. I wound up making the bevel a little more than it needed to be and as seen in the pics, I could get the deflection to 90 degrees easily, I wont need that much but I could if I wanted. I'm very happy with it so far.

So with all this done, all that was left was mounting the Servos into the wings.

I am mounting them on a 1/16 piece of birch ply, laying on their side, so that only the arm sticks out of the ply, looks neater and because the wing is not super thick I felt the best way to go. I figure you can figure out how to cut the ply, if any one has questions ask, I glued some pieces of a left over spar..... its a harder Balsa wood but much lighter than hardwood.... at each corner of the "pocket" to screw the ply servo cover to, I'll post more pics once it is complete but I think you will get the idea.

Next time I will finish up mounting the servos, check lateral balnace and adjust as needed, then I can work on mouting the Wing to the fuse!

Not sure if anyone is reading this but is anyone has questions please ask!

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