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I hit a stumbling point on the wing and moved on to the Fuse, The fuse is as complete as it can be until I get the wing finished up so I'm back to the wing now....

The fuse went together so quick I forgot to take but a few pictures. - Yeesh I guess I'm not that great at reviews sorry - Anyway I was less impressed with the Light Ply in the kit, the die cuts we ruff like the die was dull but it all worked out ok, this may be normal this is only my second kit......

Basically you glue together the firewall, glue on the Fuse side doublers and rubber band it all together as you add pieces. I wound up sanding the edges and corners of ever piece of light ply as the die didn't quite make it all the way though and the edges were not straight and did not "just fit" like I said no big and it all worked out.

after it's all assembled and you have it straight you apply thin CA to the areas as specified and it stiffens right up, pretty nice so far.

The Light ply sucked up a lot of CA in some spots I could see where it traveled the entire width of the ply as it wicked in, I assumed this was a good thing and let it go I figure it will make it stronger.... perhaps a tad heavier but I doubt it will be noticeable.
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