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WING: Continued

I did things slightly different then the plans, partially cause I goofed a little and partly because I am going to use dual servos so I did not place the servo in the center.

When I joined the wings I sanded a little too much off the ends of the spars, the instructions call for plywood sheeting front and back, and I read some very old posts with others that had some concern about it being weak so I put a 1/4 inch support on top and bottom of the spars when I joined them I used 30 min epoxy and I'm sure it is good to go, I also cut a bit too much off the trailing edge so I bridged that gap to keep it even until it was sheeted.

one complaint that was popular in other threads I saw, the tabs on the ribs are a very great idea, but too weak, they are perforated to snap off easy after the build but any lateral movement and they break. I think I wound up CA'ing all of them at one point or another.

Some of the mis-colored wood is older stock I had replaced the factory wood with because it was easier for me.

My loving wife made me some sandbags that worked great for weights, heavy ziplock bags with wet sand work great.

I have a little warp in the trailing edge it's bowed out toward the rear in the center, but it is straight otherwise so a good sanding should take care of that.

I think that is it I'll update if I think of anything else
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