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Nope, neither of those will work. They are SERVO slowers/sequencers and work by changing the speed of the pulse movement.

UPDATE: Ignore above statement. See next two posts. A servo slow will work if put in one channel. Not sure about a sequencer though.

Servoless systems are switched from one state to another by the position of the pulse, they do not follow the pulse position like a servo.

I'm not convinced by the neutral position argument however. It is not the actual neutral position that matters, it is where the servoless amplifier switches from UP to DOWN. That will be somewhere between the two end points. These gadgets do not recognise an exact 1 and 2mS but a "somewhere between 1mS and 1.5mS" and and "somewhere between 2mS and 1.5mS" as up and down. If you can get a second channel that has Tx servo slow to take longer to move from one end to the other, the switching point for each leg will occur at different times.

Imagine it as having the gear connected to a stick control each. As you move the stick slowly from one end the gear will cycle at some point. If it is possible to make that point occur at different times by moving the two sticks at different speeds by slowing one travel time way down they will switch at different times.

May be worth a try if you have such a TX.
Originally Posted by Mel Duval View Post
Take a look at this:

I think it might do what you want....

Maybe put this in one gear servo feed:

Thinking about it, if you make the retract delay fairly long, what I think it will do is slow down the change from max to min and make the gear
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