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RTF's from Banana Hobby

Originally Posted by helifreak1 View Post
This post is about the products from
I'am NOT looking for replys , just want to get the warning out there.

The aircrafts that they sell that are "RTF,ARF" do not work the way that they are suppose to.There are A.L.O.T!! of ppl out there that know this but I'm putting out the warning.
Here is what happened to me.
I bought a f-14 tomcat from them that was a "RTF" but switched the receiver so i can use my DX6i.I took off as normal, but the minute that i was in the air i was fighting with power.My TX and batt were fully charged.It was about 100 feet in the air(about tree top hight) and you can see it trying to go higher and just could not do it, and i had my DX6i at 100% throttle, And it could not climb more that i wanted.I lost the plane that night.The next day I went looking for it and found it.Brought it home and looked at the electronics to see what it had.I noticed that it had 2 2100kv outrunner ducted motors with 2 20AMP ESC's.We all know that for that kind of kv motors, you need at least double that ESC power.

If you all can be so kind and tell your friends and other ppl to NOT buy anything from Banana hobby/ blitzrcworks, it will be like throwing your money away
I have a full array of Banana Hobby products and had some issues in the past. They have come a long way in the last 6 years that I have been dealing with them. I've been flying a long time, some 40 years and know a lot about gas and nitro types but not so much electric. I have been flying electric's with not much knowledge on how these work. So I have educated myself and read all I can. I saw one of the BH A10's crash and it was due to a locked up original servo. So I installed Hi-Tec HS-81 servos on the ailerons and elevators on mine. It flies as smooth as silk on the factory installed fans, motors and 60amp esc's. The motors are 2100kv, each run by an esc. 2 years later and it is still flying. Just finished the Banana Hobby super B25 twin electric and it is a super flying plane right out of the box using a DX8. 5 flights to date. I will be at the Electric Festival here in Phoenix, AZ to show these planes off this coming weekend 01/26&27/2013 in Apache Junction. Of the ARF electric planes I have purchased from Banana Hobby none of them had less than a 50amp esc.
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