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Since I am messing around with power systems, I decided to put a 6-blade rotor back on the Lander 4600kv motor and test it with a Nanotech in the F35, to compare to the test I did recently.

The results are interesting. Clearly the 6-blade will produce more thrust at the same rpm (or same voltage) than the Lander rotor, but it will draw a lot more amps and watts to do that and will need a bigger battery to keep the volts up. I still prefer the Lander rotor for the lower amps, just need a higher kv motor to get the thrust I want.

F35, Phoenix 25, Nanotech 850mah 3s 45C, Lander 4600kv (43g 20mm inrunner), Haoye housing copy of JPower 50mm

Airframe__Motor/Rotor____Peak thrust___After 10sec___Amps(after 10s)__Watts(after10s)
F35______Lander+6blade__330g_______294g_________17 .90__________189
F35______Lander+Lander__317g_______294g_________14 .18__________155

F35, Lander Motor, 6 blade rotor (0 min 34 sec)

The older test of the Neutron 4900kv seems to show that even at the same voltage the 6-blade rotor has slightly lower thrust than the Lander rotor. My rough guess is that this 30g motor may be overloaded by the 6-blade rotor, the longer Lander motor may actually have more torque.

Airframe__Motor/Rotor_____Peak thrust___After 9sec___Amps(after 9s)___Watts(after 9s)
F35______Neutron+6blade____317g______279g_______16 .63___________165
F35______Neutron+Lander____333g______300g_______14 .08___________150

In conclusion its not as straight forward as I thought, 6-blade rotor is more agressive and can produce more thrust if large battery size is no issue, but Lander rotor is more efficient. Similar conclusion can probably be extended to JPower 5-blade rotor too since the blade design and pitch is same as 6-blade rotor.
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