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Originally Posted by bunkx9 View Post
It's 14 degrees and snowing here. I'm jealous!
It is pretty cold in the morning and we only get a couple hours of the nice stuff... but still nice to feel some warmth...

Originally Posted by alpea 41 View Post
Ontario Ca. Had to be close to 85 deg. F today was almost too warm
You so cal people always get the good weather! That is crazy!! In January no less....
Originally Posted by Joe 1320 View Post
My F-86 with the stock motor and 3s was pitiful as well. I didn't want to step that one up to 3s. The same combo in my MiG-15 works just great. A Don's Wicked 6000 kV in a wemo micro fan on 3s makes the F-86 fly like it should. It's a little better than my MiG-15 with the stock fan and motor on 3s. It appears the F-86 suffers from lots of drag and poor ducting.
From what I have seen the F-86 has way too big of an exhaust to be any fun on 3s. And that goofy servo cover thing ain't helping either. However there is a guy at my field that added a makeshift thrust tube to it, balance the stock fan and added a 4s battery. That turned it into a really good flier! I used to do mock dogfights with him when I had my Mig-15 with the Himax combo on 4s. I had just a little bit more speed than him but just barely. It can be made to work if you spend just a little time on it...
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