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Cheap Thrills...

Originally Posted by dkrhardy View Post
RCAV8T0R - good on ya!
...are what these Dynam birds deliver...

Mine is due on Monday, tomorrow. I will look for "tweaked" surfaces and look into the front end as well as the gear area and if I see anything that looks weak, as some foamies are, I'll beef it up before flight. I'd read that some folks had servo issues so I ordered all new MG's. But then some of you think they are fine, sooooooo I'll see how they trim out and go from there. Might just have a larger bag of servos in the parts bin.
Having a good run so far with these Dynam ships & their electronics, except for some foam & linkage issues but nothing too out of the ordinary for Rx-R ARF's at this price point. It's always personal preference whether or not to go ahead & use (take your chances with, if you will) the stock gear. Usually I'll do some thorough bench testing before I'm satisfied with going forward with the OEM gear & usually the cheap stuff has worked out fine even though it may not be the best or the most precise. Just trying to get the most bang for the buck from the package that's provided...

SoCal had some cold weather last week, I think, so it's nice you got the good stuff back. We are spoiled here too, today was 73 and mostly sunny. Bit breezy but just FINE for golf.
Heck ya, that's why you live where you (& I) live, so we can do whatever we want whenever we darn well feel like it... Just gotta pay the sunshine tax out here in So Cal...

Wish me luck folks, my last foray into foamies was not pretty. Darned gremlin plane.
Couple other pre-flight tips are to check the incidence of the main wing to the elevator because it's not in line with the horizontal stab. You'll need to set the elevator with a slight "up" condition compared to the horizontal stab... Also, be sure to balance your props as best as you can. The kit comes with two props & they are not balanced. Of the two, I balanced one & left the other alone because it "seemed" OK. Quickly found out in the air this wasn't the right choice so I replaced the prop with the one I manually balanced after the first flight all bad "vibes" disappeared at speeds past 3/4 throttle...
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