Thread: Video Syma s800g funnels?
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@badpilotto: Yes, I do have control over it, but, if I only increase the throttle, it will circle around and head for the floor. I can still strafe, go backwards/forwards and turn, but it still tries to just go in circles (to the right) and downwards. There is only one mode on the controller for this helicopter. I looked at everything and it seems that everything is connected properly. I'm not sure how to check if the blades actuate properly, and as of yet Google hasn't helped too much.

I am about two weeks away from the last date that I can return it, so I want to see if I can fix it before that time.

It is a syma s800g. It is 4ch coaxial. I'm not too sure what you mean by set up. It is only around one week old. I bought it on Amazon.

@rotorkilla: I know what the swashplate is, but I'm not sure what you mean by it goes backwards. Please do measure your setup for me. That would be helpful (I will see if I can decode and apply what you tell me). I also had a problem with it flying fast forward as well.

I am going to attach some more pictures and another video or two just in case anyone sees anything I don't (which is very likely considering I'm rather new to this). I apologize again for the quality and/or the angles of the pictures/videos. Hopefully I was able to take a picture/video of something that will help.

Thank you guys for your help so far.
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