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Originally Posted by The Kiwi View Post
I've played around a great deal with FPs in the 25, 36, and 40 sizes, and right out of the box, they simply do not run a breaking style. What they will do, on the correct fuel, is run a "Rich 2 cycle" that managed the same general effect, at a somewhat higher RPM, on lower pitched props.

The fuel need to be "Oily". I can't get the same result with less than 24% oil by volume. My best results have been 50-50, half Castor, half Klotz synthetic oil, and the 40s have been the easiest of the three to find the right needle setting with. I used 10-4 props on the 35 and 40, and 9-4s on the 25s.

The only OS MAX "LA" engines I've had were 25s, and so far, I haven't tried either of those two at a slower speed for a sport or stunt plane. A local dentist in this city was running his LA 25 with a wood 9-6 of some sort, probably a Zinger, on a Streak ARF, and it was working fine for him at a relatively rich needle setting.

Oily. Interesting. I still don't understand exactly what happens when these engines 4 cycle, but it seems to make sense that oily fuel improves the 4 cycling and or break in some engines.
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