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I noticed the same thing

After removing another 8 grams, the head speed at hover was getting low,
so I ended up trimming the blades some more, and now they are 203mm at
the grips, and 185mm at the tips.

I still have not been able to fly it outside due to high winds, but it sure flies great

It has gotten to the point where it's behavior is not far off from my CP 6ch.
When I send it off in any direction, it seems to hold it's speed and heading
until you tell it to stop. The tendency to auto stop and self center has been
reduced by a large amount, and I may have finally got rid of the dreaded
pendulum effect.

The only downside is that now you actually have to fly the helicopter, it
will no longer fly itself. I can hold it in one spot no problem, it just requires
more correction.

I can't wait for the wind to die down outside so I can see how it does
in extended forward flight.

I was just thinking about trimming my blades further today as the headspeed still seems too low. I guess I'll follow your lead.

I also noticed that with my latest mods it tends to hold it's heading just as you stated. I've been giving some thought to resago's posts #'s 861 and 865. If it can be made to further emulate 6 ch flight I would think that it would be useful as a trainer. Parts would certainly be cheaper for the inevitable crashes.
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