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ICE 100 head speed change rate malfunction

Yes, thank you Martin, I am aware of this, however what ever has been done since the 11 Jan has apparently sorted that particular problem which in my experience was inherent with firmware 3.27

Now, since the 11 Jan update the "initial spool-up rate" function has been altered and cannot be slowed for "scale use" to any slower than 6 seconds within its total range of 0-20. I have noticed however, although no where near slow enough, the consistency of the spool up is more linear, as graphing shows which is perhaps an improvement.

*The function of the ICE controllers and the inclusion of such features as the separate "head speed change rate" is often why they are purchased over other brands and should work as advertised - luck has nothing to do with it.

I understand the nature of improvements, however if software is going to be mucked about with, affecting these functions negatively then the purpose is lost.

This ESC was available nearly 9 years ago and it has these basic issues at this late stage, which is why under these circumstances it is perfectly reasonable to ask for a reasonable time frame for these things to be corrected. So far I am not amused by the "when it suits us and not you" attitude.
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