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The closest shop to me is about 30 minutes away.

My mailbox is downstairs. On a good day, I don't even need shoes.

Then add in that the local shop is more expensive than online, often by a lot, and that they often steer towards particular brands. ("You want a what? How about a nice Futaba...").

Then add in that the stuff at the hobby shops is often coming out of the exact same Chinese factory that the bargain sellers get it from. And the sales tax that I'm going to pay at the local shop.

And how much does that purchase actually effect my local economy? Not much at all. The local shop, even buying the same Chinese products in bulk, is forced to keep markups low to be competitive with the wholesalers. So I'm not spending $50 at the local shop, I'm spending TWO to TEN. The rest is getting shipped right back to China, do not pass go, do not make a stop in the local economy.

Bring back American manufacturing. Put the higher cost on the other guys for a change, and source high quality locally made goods. Then the higher cost will actually pay for something, and be kept in your local economy. Only problem there is that the higher cost is a MUCH higher cost due to outdated manufacturing technology and higher labor price.

It's okay, we're about to hit the era where we'll all be building our copters on our 3D printers at home, and then we can have the argument over whether we should buy our printer refills from America or China.
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