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Originally Posted by LesUyeda View Post
"There are no channels in the old sense. "

I'll argue that. Where I fly many, many of the "old" 72 channels ARE still used, the pinboard is there, and utilized; as for me, I will give up my 50 mHz stuff when they pry it from my cold, dead fingers, and I stil have to check, and see that no one else in on my channel. Why give up/replace perfectly good radio equipment just "keep up with the Jones's??????

You seem to have taken that quoted sentence way out of context. He wasn't saying that the "old" FM channels weren't still available to use, he was trying to explain the main difference between the 72 MHz world versus the 2.4 GHz world in as much that you aren't using a single assigned channel anymore like you do when on 72 MHz.
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