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Originally Posted by solentlife View Post
Some ESC's are sensitive to TRIM setting at idle throttle. The Tx Throtttle TRIM at idle has large effect similar to a TRIM on elevator / aileron etc. but near zero effect at Full throttle. It's designed that way for Tx's to cater for IC Engines and getting good idle rpm right / shut off capability.

So you may find with some ESC's - you need to switch on Tx and put throttle TRIM all way down to full -ve at idle ... then go through the throttle range setting. Once range is set - then you can put TRIM back to neutral mid point.

This I have had on a couple of ESC's ... until you know about it - you think the ESC is faulty !! Funny enouigh it was Hobby King CS that sorted this out for me !! So they are not that bad all the time ...

Cheers guys ive just tried this and didn't know what the heck was goin on with beeps and melodies stick up stick down more beeps like it was going through a menu so couldn't get no where with that, then I put the throttle trim all way down as suggested it did some more beeps and a melody and I was waiting for cell count beeps never heard them so with that in mind im sat on my armchair with football on tv with sabre on my lap and I pushed the throttle up to see if it beeps and holy moly it fired up, To say i pooped myself is an understatement hahaha

Cheers chaps
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