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Originally Posted by stefanoc2 View Post
Flew the Perfection some today. The launch set up is not dialed in yet. With the tow hook as far back as it will go and 12mm of flaps is still not rotating hard out of my hand. I will start working on the elevator setting but if that does not work I may have to modify the tow hook plate.
The feel of this model in the air is completely different from my Perfect. At 71.5oz it moves around faster than the 78.5oz Perfect and that really surprised me.
The circling is also different may be due to the larger tail volume and much larger rudder. I will need to really work on the Thermal Mode settings i.e. aileron differential and aileron to rudder mix (probably a lot less to none and let my thumb do the work).
Overall I am pleased and I am looking forward to getting to know the Perfection more.
The Perfection benefits tremendously from manual rudder inputs when flying slowly in light lift. Aileron differential and coupled rudder settings won't help. You need manual rudder inputs to prevent that tail slide.

As for launch I'm surprised...I use 10mm camber, about 0.5mm-1mm down elevator and the hook is nearly all the way back and it launches extremely well. But I need to check how far back my hook is from the nose because here we are assuming the hook slots are in identical positions with each model.

If someone was to ask me what the benefits of a Pike Perfection are I would say an awesome L/D and launch performance so something must be up with your launch set up?
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