Thread: Build Log BIG 1/7h scale F-16 H-J Style
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Originally Posted by Cherokee Flyer View Post
they just beg for a 4 stroke.

You've got to be kidding. I no longer use Windex to clean the crap off my planes, I use it to thin the non fuel proof paint I use.

Anyway, setting up the stabs today. I almost forgot to balance them. Use lead weights glued in the forward part. This will really help the servo with the forces on those large stabs. Elev uses a HS-425 with about 45 oz torque so it needs this done.
I had to taper the end of the FG arrow shaft so I can glue the stab on a slight angle to get some anhedral. It isn't close to the full scale 10 degrees but just gives that hint of anhedral. Was too worried about strength to go any further.

Have the canopy plug's final coat of epoxy on and curing. Then it will get wet sanded with 220, 400, polishing compound and finally wet sanded with 600 grit. Hope that makes it good enough. I doubt if I get it off to Sparky tomorrow, more likely Tuesday.

Now it's back to sanding on the fuse.

I will take a break from it this afternoon to get the AC-119K middle section outside so I can give it a protective coat. After weeks of waiting, we have a nice day. Then it will be officially finished.

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