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OK each wing is built upside down on the apposing plan, IE Right wing built upside down on the Left wing plan, this allows the tabs on the Ribs to keep the wing straight for you, and pretty much makes it idiot proof, BUT as usual I was a better idiot...... The first wing half went so fast I only got one picture ;-)

It all went very fast and very well, the first wing took a few hours, the second less than an hour as I understood what needed to be done.

I got both done, trimmed the edges and started lining up to the plan to make the final adjustments before making it permanent..... Then it dawned on me that the wing does not have a tailing edge, so I flipped forward in the manual reading all the steps to see when that comes into play..... I couldn't find it.....

Soooo I start flipping Backwards and I'll be darned there it was many steps previous which made total sense but I missed it. The manual has cute little boxes that you can check off when you complete a step, I think I will start using those :-)

Because of my little mis-hap my training edge sheeting is a bit off on one side, but nothing that can't be fixed. everything is dead on straight where it matters and that is the important part.

The quality of this kit and the wood is much better than my GP Sportster that I built first, perhaps I got a bad one but the Sportster took me 2.5 months to build I can see being done with this one in a week or two.

The only issue I had so far is the sheer webs were not quite the correct size as stamped out but little sanding and all was well. they look sloppy but even in the manual they look sloppy so I don't feel so bad.

Each wing weights 4OZ on the dot as pictured. I'm done for the day, I'll work on joining the wings sometime this week. I want to take my time and be sure it's 100% correct.

Overall nothing too exciting, nothing difficult (except reading ALL the directions) very cut-and-dry build and moving very rapidly. The tabs on the ribs are very fragile and I have had to glue a few back on after bumping them the wrong way
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