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Calgary 1986... or so

Just found a couple photos that I never new existed until recently, probably my last or near last F1 racer. This is a Lil Toni pulled from my own mold, copy of a Prather Toni, with an OS VRP, probably about 1986. I quit F1 shortly after since I had a young family was working on my pilots licence and F1 was a tough go (time consuming).

Racing in those days as I recall probably cost about the same as today (in today's dollars). Plus fuel was 60-70% Nitro, a new plug every race and a new hand carved (time consuming) prop every time you nozed over.

I had some local success with the OS VRP especially once I ducted the rear venturi into the cheek cowl and made some engine changes, seemed to make it breathe better. However these engines would not hold together and con-rod failures and rear disc failures were common. I even built a mold for a composite wing at the time although I only pulled one wing that was not structurally sound ... sold the mold not sure where it ended up.

The Shadel Tigre was the engine to have if you could afford it, I believe Nelson engines came in later but not sure when, since I got out.

I restarted racing in 2006; Q40 is a lot easier as well cheaper with better equipment, I am now enjoying racing again. The biggest problem I have with racing is once you start other forms of RC do not have any appeal.
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