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Originally Posted by BobTopofTheWorld View Post
Not to seem like I am on a soapbox... I read every post in this thread. This very thread influenced me to get a '45 instead of that gastly 9116, a decision I will NEVER REGRET. (since I have purchased another '45) I found issues I experienced that were detailed, as well as solutions. This gave me the feeling that I am not alone, that my problems were not unique, and a 'band of brothers' existed that were as passionate about this copter (and R/C in general) as I. I found guys that were (and are) far advanced in this hobby, and more than willing to share their wealth of knowledge with lowly peons such as I. Just reading the thread gave me ideas in areas where I didnt see much input... and I added my '2 cents worth'. Sure it took a couple weeks of reading to take in this thread, I believe a time well invested, as I had a 20 year holiday from the hobby. Perhaps, asanovrus, it is you that arent well suited for this. I intend to keep flying F45's (mostly stock) and I intend to remain on station, assisting the greenhorn and seasoned hand EXACTLY as those dedicated fellows assisted me.
Now I can use the soapbox to start a fire... my old bones are cold.
Cheers to the crew
I was thinking how to optimize topic for beginners though It was bad idea I think. As for me, this thread gave me more on rc then any other and I like it. But with this speed it will be endless soon and I can ask already answered questions only because can't read for days everything. Search will save some time but not always. If you have simple question and find posts discussing smth with acronyms in language that you can't understand you will either quit or ask it. But because so many parallel things discussed your question might be ignored. Me personally I will read this even if it was 40.000 pages but someone new might quit
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