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Originally Posted by jasmine2501 View Post
I was on my phone and no way did I want to say what I really think it would have taken hours to type on the phone, in spite of it being a better Android type phone

I buy from my LHS as much as possible. I enjoy going there sometimes even when I don't need anything. That's why I think a Hobby-Coffee-Shop-With-Airfield would be such a great idea - people would quit their jobs to hang out in my dream hobby shop

I don't get into the politics of the issue too much, but I do like to support my local people. In today's world it's far too easy to think of yourself as an island - but we still live in villages! That guy running the hobby shop might not be a nice guy, but he's part of your village, and what happens to his life affects all of us, often in ways too complex to understand. So, my principle is basically "tie goes to the LHS" - because the interests of the consumer are equally important as the interests of the business owners who serve them.

A lot of you know by now that for me it's about the total experience, and not just about getting the lowest price for the thing that meets my needs. I put a high value on my time, so customer service problems and product usage issues are a big deal to me. I'm trying to get the best total experience value I can - and in most cases I get that from the LHS - both because they are local, and because they tend to carry higher quality products.

However, I do order from HobbyKing sometimes - usually it's generic stuff like LED strips or plugs or wires or helicopters... hehe... but if the HK price isn't significantly better on something, I prefer the higher quality product at the higher price purchased locally.

So note... I'm not saying go to your LHS out of some duty to your community, I'm saying go there if you can get the best experience there, but if it's close, go to your LHS.
Just ran across this. The coffee, shop, field idea would be awesome. Have large viewing area inside (window,video feed) to eat and relax in comfort while viewing. Could have a seperate area just for beginners and maybe young kids so moms could watch. Have sims inside (charge 30 minute use rates). Sim then selling models to take outside. Have area just for building. I want to hang out here.

The ideas just keep rolling
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